Sword Care and Maintenance (Prevention)

What oil should I use?

Unless your sword is a stainless steel wallhanger - it will be subject to rust and corrosion. This can be avoided by simply ensuring that every inch of steel of your blades is covered with a protective film of ...

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Using the "Accusharp" on Swords

To answer your question, yes you can sharpen medieval swords with the accusharp, and it’s considered a fast a dirty way to do, if not necessarily ideal. While it does of course put a secondary bevel on the edge...

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What Grit Should I use? Stones or Paper? How many strokes?

It’s probably a good idea to get an 800 grit stone if you are deciding to go with the stone method to sharpen your sword. The general idea is to start coarse and go slow. For example, going from 400 to 1000 is...

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