What swords do you recommend for HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts)

For serious students of the medieval sword, we recommend three lines of swords - which one you choose really depends on how you primarily intend to train.

For people who are interested in sparring, we strongly recommend the Red Dragon Armory/Rawlings line of synthetic sparring wasters and protective gear. These wasters (training swords) are made from a special purpose high impact polymer designed to as closely as possible replicate the handling and weight of a real sword without the bone breaking impacts and are an extremely affordable and effective training tool.

If you plan on doing some historical re-enacting with steel on steel then you should take a close look at both the Hanwei Forges training sword line and consider combining them with their range of fully wearable armor and battle ready bucklers and shields.

Finally, for both steel on steel sparring and formwork, you cannot go past the excellent range of swords from Kingston Arms - these swords are the best of breed, made to the highest possible standard and using 9260 spring steel blades specially reinforced hot peened pommels for maximum durability all around.


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