How Sharp Are Your Medieval Swords?

The sharpness of the medieval swords we sell varies by brand. Darksword Armory swords are unsharpened and we do not offer a sharpening service on these swords. You can sharpen them yourself if so desired using any of the techniques we explain on our site here - the Herald Series, which is owned by Darksword Armory, are also unsharpened with a 2mm edge and again, no sharpening service is offered.

Our range of European swords by the Hanwei Forge are moderately sharp. When they first started producing medieval swords, they were almost completely blunt - in recent years the sharpness has improved, but they are not as sharp as the Katana that we sell simply because, they are NOT Katana and, though contentious in some circles, the general consensus seems to be that the average medieval sword was not that sharp but was able to cut due to its blade geometry, weight and correct technique.

The video below highlights this point:

Naturally if you wish to touch up the edge slightly you can certainly do so, the Hanwei line are produced with extremely well tempered blades so will take and hold and edge for a very long time indeed - but for most collectors, the factory edge will more than suffice for backyard cutting against a wide range of targets.

Our sharpest medieval sword line is are the RK Euro line - these swords are all ready to cut pretty much anything you put in front of them straight out of the box.

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