What oil should I use?

Unless your sword is a stainless steel wallhanger - it will be subject to rust and corrosion. This can be avoided by simply ensuring that every inch of steel of your blades is covered with a protective film of oil at all times.

What oil really doesn't matter - 3 in 1 machine oil is great, if you are into guns, you can cheat and use a silicon fiber cloth instead of oil.

How often you need to oil your swords depends on the climate and the oil used. Generally, humid climates are bad for swords and you may need to oil often while dry climates may see the only time you re-oil your sword is after a cutting session.

You can find a whole wealth of additional, detailed information on sword oil and oil alternatives here on SBG - but for now, keep it simple, don't freak out and check your sword regularly, especially early on (it may seem porous at first, but that is because your sword was recently forged so it may seem demanding at the beginning but will require less oilings after a few months)

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