What happens after I place my order?

Shortly after you have placed your order you will receive an automatically generated 4 digit order confirmation starting with "5" (i.e. 5xxx). Should a product be out of stock, we'll notify you of the delay immediately. If that happens (not likely, we spend a lot of time keeping our stock reports accurate), we will ask if you prefer to cancel your order, place it on back order or change to another product .

All of our products ship from our network of North American warehouses and where they ship from depends on the product ordered - for example, Ronin Katana swords are shipped from the Ronin Katana warehouse in Texas, SBG brand swords are shipped from my agents US based warehouse, etc.

Wherever possible we list the usual estimated shipping lead time on the actual product page however as a rule most in stock swords ship within 1-2 business days (excluding weekends and public holidays).

SPECIAL NOTE FOR PRE-ORDERS: As we process all payments via the store with third party payment processors such as paypal, the money is automatically deducted from your account. So in essence, if you place a pre-order you will be charged the moment you place the order, not when the item comes in. 


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